so moms been in the hospital for just over a week now and apart from the occasional nausea, the weakness, and the yucky food she’s doing good. The worst part is she’s here for another 3 weeks maybe more and she very very lonely 😦 if I could stay here the whole time I would !!
She got her stem cells back in on monday and now all we have to do is wait and make sure she doesn’t catch a cold.

I will keep you all updated as time goes on! ❤


so, I’m just sitting here in the car waiting for mom, she’s in doing foot care. I’m bored, all my social networks are boring. So I’m studying for my g2 which I’m freaking about. Also its freezing in the car.

I hate when its seems like one sister matters more to the other then both who should equally matter. I have 2 beautiful sisters who I love more then anything, but sometime I feel left out and not as loved as they love each other. They also have so much more in common with each other, where as I am the weird one that likes different things, I’ve always felt really distant from them.

I just want to feel that they love me as much as I love them.

so, we made lamb today in lab..and I was really unsure if I’d like it but it was really really good it kinda was like pork/beef …we also had pom anna which is sliced potatoes baked in butter, salt and pepper w/ some dried thyme, real easy.. and this fennel, potato celery root puree thing with pesto, all and all good meal 🙂

horrible actually , completely fucking horrible.

hii, I’m lynnette.

I’m 19 years old, I go to school at my local college (which sucks) I still live at home with my WHOLE family, which I love and thats the #1 reason why I haven’t left yet. I’m taking culinary arts at st. Lawrence, it’s my second year and I graduate in April. I want to get back into photography , I studied it most of high school and for financial purposes went into culinary instead. Uh, I don’t really know what else to write in here. So if you have any questions or whatever feel free to ask 😀

taken a few years ago, at a toronto art show musem..cant remember the name..